The Middling Years

The years following the initial structuring of Fieldism were marked by great progress.  Its membership grew, and with the new followers, Fieldism branched out beyond its initial vague concepts and into more ambition territory.  Many experiments were performed which led to the development of religious engineering, and the foundations were laid for the Mad Science Institute.  It was also the time that the weeble menace made itself known to the leaders of Fieldism.  The end of this period was marked by the creation of the society of Fieldist monks.

The Weebles
In the fall of 1999, the Fieldist alliance with Team Bill embarked on an ambitious project to create a weeble army.  The purpose of these experiments was the creation of a loyal soldier to protect the great minds of Fieldism from an increasingly hostile public.  By mixing human DNA with various chemicals, the experimenters managed to create large quantities of gelatinous ooze.  Various experiments to animate this disgusting mass were unsuccessful.  Eventually the alliance between Team Bill and Fieldism dissolved, the project was abandoned, and the scientists reassigned to new projects.  The experiments were locked in a secret vault deep within the mountains of Colorado.

With the Weebles all but forgotten, Fieldism moved on to other projects.  Upon moving to their new Philadelphia headquarters, however, their computer systems inexplicably stopped working.  Eventually it was discovered to be the work of the Weebles.  In time the truth came out.  Anthony Costantino had secretly continued the Weeble experiments and the Weebles, designed in his image, formed themselves into an army.  Anthony Costantino, the newly crowned “King of the Weebles,” sent the Weebles to derail Fieldism.  The Weebles haunt Fieldism to this day, and their work can mainly be seen in the innumerable troubles associated with the Interocitor projects.

Religious Engineering
Born of Elrond Ytterbium’s fertile mind, Religious Engineering quickly became an important component of Fieldism.  The first major experiment was the creation of Dry Water.  Unfortunately the concept made no sense whatsoever, and although the scientists put forth a valiant effort, no substance could be found which would pass for Dry Water.  After this near-disaster, Elrond restarted a French program to build a God-a-pult.  The original God-a-pult project ended in flames and heartbreak and Elrond resigned from Religious Engineering.  It is still a strong field at the Mad Science Institute and there are rumours that Elrond has returned to religious engineering and is secretly directing the God-a-pult v2 project.

The Society of Fieldist Monks
As Anthony Madonna slowly disintegrated into madness, he formed the society of Fieldist Monks.  This was born half out of a belief that being a monk would give him telekinetic powers, and half out of a desire for the clergy discount.  The Society of Fieldist Monks was extremely successful in gaining members, however, the public at large has been less that supportive, often refusing the clergy and senior citizen discounts.  Anthony has stood by the ideal of the monks, and threatened to slay a man he met in a Kinkos at 2AM once to prove his point.

By this time Fieldism was ready to move forward.