At a time when Allan was needed most, he was never more doubted. And this is when Jerome struck. Revealing himself to the Grand Inquisitor of Fieldism as an "alternative name" for Allan, Jerome was quickly recognized to be the evil anti-Allan. Where Allan stands for all that is Fieldism, Jerome stands for all that isn't Allan, most notably watching people in the bathroom. It was Jerome who first introduced vegetarianism, overweight gay pr0n, and golden showers to mankind. All Fieldists, even those that are not Allanists know that Jerome must be stopped and struggled against at all cost.

The Hypnotoad

Just as Allan has the Space Coyote as his avatar, to spread his influence while he attends other matters, so has Jerome a corrupt and evil version of the same. Jerome's avatar is the Hypnotoad, a giant frog who can hypnotize those around him with his mysterious, glowing eyes. Those that work against the true Fieldists have been known to shower the Hypnotoad with praise, with the phrase "All Honor and Glory to the Hypnotoad". The Hypnotoad is the most powerful of Jerome's agents.


DON is an agent of Jerome that was sent unto the holy places of Fieldism to spy on the Fieldist elders in the bathroom. At one time the exact nature of DON was unsure, and many, even Elrond Ytterbium himself considered DON to be some breed of Flukeman. However, under intense and pervasive mental pressure the Lord King of all Weebles, Anthony Costantino, revealed DON's true name, although he did not reveal what DON was an acronym for. The greatest minds of Fieldism are working on this topic, as it might reveal the inner, twisted worknigs of the unspeakably horrible mind of Jerome.

Anthony Costantino, King of the Weebles.

The weebles. Fierce, nomad creatures that were the illegitimate spaw of the Team Bill/ Fieldist Alliance. These menaces were created in the image of both Anthony Costantino and a wishing troll, and as such are short, bald, purple, and have a swarthy Mexican complexion. These creatures are the cause of numerous computer failures and much mischief throughout the Filedist-controlled territories, and are ruled over by thier 'father', Anthony Costantino. Not much is known about this shady figure, other than that at one time he was a close ally and advisor to Elrond Ytterbium. Then, feelings of neutrality entered his heart. Perhaps it was lust for gold and power, or maybe he was born with a heart full of neutrality, but one way or another, he sold his very soul unto the weebles in exchange for thier worship and adoration.

The Grungo Commander

Not so much a commander as a henchman, the Grungo Commander, a recent figure to appear in Fieldism has been working for Jerome since before his discovery. Grungo is a recent term to come into fieldism, and is a term that refers to the Unwashed Masses, the non-Fieldists of the world. The grungo commander has been an associate of Elrond Ytterbium, Aaron Sakulich, and Max Spirit for several months, only to rock the Fieldist establishment with news of his defection in early 2002. Fortunately, no true, intelligent Fieldist ever defects, and the duplicity of the Weeble commander is an explanation of the Weeble's inability for long term success, horrible tactics, and total lack of cohesion. Having the Weeble commander as an Enemy is more of a blessing than anything else. It bears noting that the Grungo Commander and the Weeble Commander are indeed the same person. The term Grungo Commander refers to the fact the the commander is indeed a Grungo. The term Weeble Commander refers to the fact that the Grungo Commander commands Weebles.