In the Beginning

In the beginning Fieldism was revealed to Anthony Madonna. He had the idea of a religion with no beliefs and whose only rule was that believers of Fieldism must sit naked in a field. This resulted in the Fieldist question, "Haven't you ever just wanted to sit naked in a field in peace." Fieldism was then taken over by Elrond Ytterbium, owner of Rubber Chicken Enterprises. Elrond dreamed of turning Fieldism into a for-profit religion, and creation of T-shirts commenced. The original text outlining Elrond's intentions can be found here.

Because of the unique nature of Fieldism, opposition has existed since the very beginning. The Anti-Fieldists were the first to respond to the newly formed religion of Fieldism. The now-defunct group was formed the same week as Fieldism. Their only mission was to disagree with anything said by Fieldists. This became tiresome rather quickly, and the Anti-Fieldists soon went the way of the Swiss Anarchist Foundation. Thus, Fieldism emerged from its first conflict stronger than ever.

At this point, Fieldism began the process of splitting into factions. These factions catered to specific beliefs and allowed a religious framework to be formed inside the chaos of pure Fieldism. The Swampists were the first group to split from Fieldism proper.

Swampism Swampism was created by the disenchanted Fieldist Aaron Sakulich. Swampism was founded as a haven for people with allergies. Unlike traditional Fieldists, Swampists sat naked in swamps, much like the name implies. It was a fascinating idea in principle, however, the environment had another effect on the sect. It became a nihilistic Fieldism, wehere the members could believe anything they wanted because nothing had any meaning. Swampism also required that its members purchased a Rubber Chicken Enterprises malaria innoculation. Unfortunately, Aaron failed to uphold the principles of his new sect, and its glory days are now but a distant memory. Nearly forgotten, Swampism rarely appears, but to the careful observer the principles can still be seen in Fieldism.

No One Wants to See That The No One Wants to See That Fieldists were a group of Fieldists formed in response to the outcry against public nudity by the general public, coupled with concern for the health of the Fieldists as Fieldism entered its first winter. The No One Wants to See That Fieldists were founded by Andrew Blank, who also co-authored an essential piece of Fieldist literature, The Amazing Purple Emu who Speaks Ebonics. The No-One Wants to See That Fieldists is probably the most important Fieldist sect, as most members of the religion subscribe to it, albeit unofficially. Since most Fieldists belong to this sect, it is often referred to only as Fieldism, although some original Fieldists still choose to practice naked. The No One Wants to See That Fieldists were instrumental in convincing the elders of Fieldism to remove the oft-maligned sitting naked in a field rule from the official Fieldist Napkin of Law.

Neo-Fieldists The Neo-Fieldists were formed somewhat as a lark by Anthony Costantino, the official lackey of Fieldism. The Neo-Fieldists were an attempt both to bring Fieldism to Archbishop Ryan High School, and to manipulate the future. It failed on both counts, mainly due to the confused leadership of Joe Danglemeir (spelling). No one is actually sure if he understood his role as supreme Fieldist prophet, and possibly no one ever will. The Neo-Fieldist's plans were to overthrow the main elders of Fieldism, and this was documented in the never published science fiction opera written by Anthony Costantino. The Neo-Fieldists were never a very vocal group, and currently no one ever mentions them. They have had no effect on the Fieldism of today and remain a black hole of logic.

Roman Fieldists Roman Fieldism was Aaron Sakulich's first attempt to turn the Fieldist religion into a world power. The main belief of Roman Fieldism was that Roman Fieldists were better than everyone because they were Roman Fieldists. It never caught on with more mainstream Fieldists, due mainly to a poor marketing campaign.

Team Bill Team Bill was not a sect of Fieldism, but instead an alliance between Anthony Madonna, the leader of Fieldism, and Bill James, the leader of the now-defunct Anti-Fieldists. It was not an extraordinarily well thought out alliance, and Team Bill soon found itself involved mainly in attempting to hide the gross incompetence of its members. Team Bill spent its entire existance making up fake chemistry data so as to reduce the massive percentage error of the earliest experiment to grow a weeble.  These would not prove to be the last of the Weeble experiments, and eventually led to great conflict within the Fieldist religion.  Team Bill also prided itself on its fanciful logo and delicious hot dogs.

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